Run without a run (or: Saint Pat’s lament)

On On: Hardgine Park, Orange Grove
Hare: El Keeno

[including photos below, courtesy of Biggus Dickus]

I was a late sub to act as Hare, and there began an afternoon of unfortunate mishaps.  Five minutes into setting the trail I ran out of path and decided to go bush a bit.  What started out as a slight deviation turned into a battle with nature, with nature coming out on top. After 1.5 hrs I was stuck on a hill surrounded by impenetrable gullies of thick prickles.  The last straw was when I went to open my 3rd and final bag of flour (yes, I’d used two bloody bags of flour tramping around in circles!) only to discover my last bag of flour was actually a bag of sugar (damn you, black and gold!!!!) So I laid about 50 metres of trail before the sugar ran out and was still miles from home, with an unfinished trail and 1/2 an hour until the run actually started.  From there I pushed straight through the bush and found my way home, quite happy to be back.  Checking my GPS, I’d covered a total of 3kms, including all the backtracking and a few false trails I’d set at the start–so all in all: a dismal failure.

So when the opening circle began, everyone took the news of there being no set run quite well.  Runners took off along the road leading into parkland, walkers followed.  40 minutes or so we were back, and were greeted to a delightful treat of Guiness Pie, followed by Guiness cake.  (Did I mention it was a St. Patrick’s day run and we were all dolled up in green?)

We also welcomed a few new runners, and enjoyed the company of guests from Pattaya: Biggus-Dickus and Hawkeye.

So, in typical Hash fashion, the run was a bit of a stuff-up, which everyone took very well.

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno

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2 Responses to “Run without a run (or: Saint Pat’s lament)”

  1. Little Weed March 18, 2014 at 1:58 am #

    W E L L, I think the Hare had a touch of Irish in him! He was seen downing a Guinness before leading us out on the run! Such YUMMIE Pie & Cake too!!
    Little Weed

  2. el_keeno
    el_keeno March 20, 2014 at 5:59 am #

    I HAD to have a Guinness before the run. Saint Pat told me to! (I wish I had one during the run too…that would have been even better.)