Hare: El Keeno
On On: Charles Rd, Mahogany Creek

Thankfully, I didn’t get nearly as lost setting the run this time, so I managed to finish it well in good time to actually begin.  From the end of Charles Road we scooted up to O’Connor Road, down the steep gravel, and back east from there. Not much to say really, except new runner Simon managed to find just about every false trail.  Meanwhile, Sam was racing along like a rocket.

We came back to home along the skirts of the tip.  I’d added an extra 10 minute loop at the end, worried the run/walk might both be too short, but we came Home at 50 mins to an hour, so it wasn’t needed.

Highlight (lowlights?) in the Circle included:

  • accusations of vomity pants,
  • sticky hair,
  • a fine for giving out super-secret Hash knowledge to new runners,
  • seemingly friendly unknown dog striking with stealth pee, and
  • no jokes from Pink Bits

On On,
El Keeno



One Response to “March!”

  1. Pink Bits March 24, 2014 at 7:51 am #

    Of course my *** no joke *** was a lowlight…My jokes are always welcome ! ! !