Steepy steepo

On On: Glen Rd, Darlington
Hare: P Merah

(Yes, I was desperate for a name for this one.)

Considering the starting point at the very top of Charles Road, surrounded by nothing but massive drops, we were always going to be in for some hills.  The Hare was not shy in taking us up or down steep country, nor in cutting through thick bush, crossing rivers, descending treacherous drops on our bottoms…you get the picture.  Not that I’m trying to sound disparaging.  Quite the opposite. It was a solid run and very enjoyable.  Biggles even had a swim mid way. (We did question the Hare about all the beer bottles dropped along the route of the run, but he assured us the empties were already there.)

The only problem we had was that we had to wait several minutes to open our drinks, as we beat the walkers Home.  It was tough, but we persevered.

On On
El Keeno

Just a note: please notice we have now switched to 4pm starts for winter.

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