No peasants please, we’re noble.

Hare: SRB
On On: Noble Falls

I thought the run was great, very scenic and for the walkers, very well marked ! We did have an  EXCEPTIONALLY STINKY DOG ( Hoover aka Benji )  who had rolled in a particularily DEAD thing ! Oh the PONG !!! However, the runers had fun, I think ? Everyone came back and no dramas ! Circle was quick as it got cold.

Scarlett does it again ….

TTTThats all

PB xxxxxxxxx


Note from El Keeno: I assume there was no madness this time of runners semi-disrobing and jumping into the freezing water.

One Response to “No peasants please, we’re noble.”

  1. Scarlett Runnerbean May 18, 2014 at 6:39 am #

    No, el Keeno…we only do that when you are there.