Hare: Free Beer
On On: Success Reserve


This weeks run set by Free Beer was just great with runners and walkers intermingling all over the place ! No real dramas and everyone came back safe and sound ! We finished off the run with a SOUPER dinner of… (you guessed it !) P n’ Ham swoop !!! As well as witnessing a rather splendid sunset !!! However, all that time El Keeno was just cooking a roast ! Ah well.. ! It was a special occasion as it was Free Beers birthday !…Yay! (but there were no actual free beers)

-Pink Bits


El Keeno’s note: That bloody roast took me all bloody day to cook!  It was a pain, and I intend to serve dinner guests with porridge from now on.

One Response to “Success!”

  1. Little Weed May 20, 2014 at 1:21 am #

    “THE” red wine was very warming & welcomed as a birthday toast – Hic Hic (sorry Hip Hip)