Cloudy with no chance of meatballs

Hare: El Keeno (me)
On On: Sculpture Park

It was miserable
I can’t forget
I set the run that day
I got so wet
Then the runners came
They gathered round
They did not look impressed
by muddy ground
We set off on legs
that lacked much vim
Then Biggles gassed us all
I frowned at him

We ran as Hashers do
Which is not fast
We all were fit and strong
(long in the past)
It all was going well
Our home was nigh
When our trail disappeared
It made me sigh
I’m sick of rhyming now
And I’m sure you
are tired of reading this
So I think I’ll stop

Ok, so it was cold, wet, and someone rubbed out about a kilometre of trail at the end.  Thankfully, it was a straight length from there all the way home, and some of the front walkers had made some arrows in the mud to help the others…so it all worked out.
Free beer and Skimpy greeted us at Home with a much appreciated cake.  Thanks to you guys, too.
Silent P was awarded with her name badge–a very high honour in Hash (it’s all downhill from there).

That was it. I was freezing so I disappeared ASAP after the circle was done.

On On,
El Keeno

One Response to “Cloudy with no chance of meatballs”

  1. Scarlett Runnerbean June 1, 2014 at 3:07 am #

    I liked the poem well El Keeno
    It is the best that i have seen-o
    The run was good though rather wet
    But thats not put us all off yet
    Biggles laughed to get a mention
    It caught his doggie mind’s attention
    He has a special thank you planned
    It will involve eating your hand.