Whose dog did that?

Hare: Pablo
On On: Coolgardie St, Mundaring

Once upon a day so dreary
Hashers Hashed back Home unweary
because, as I must now report:
the run was done, the run was short.

The Hare did fret we’d all complain,
if caught out running in the rain.
Perhaps the Hare forgot that day:
we’d keep complaining anyway.

Report: so yes, a slightly short run, designed in case of rain, but still enjoyed.  Some nice false trails that caused us to track back a few times.  Somehow both the Hare and the pack managed to run in the wrong place on several occasions, as they sure weren’t where I was, and I was fairly sure I was in the right spot. (Perhaps they were slightly more “on trail” than me, but that is just a minor point.)

Walkers all came back alive, so full points there.

Note: AGM soon, so bring back any trophies, awards ASAP.  Bring back any lame duck, Madonna’s pointy bra or whatever paraphernalia might still be with you.


One Response to “Whose dog did that?”

  1. Anonymous June 23, 2014 at 11:37 am #

    at least its off his chest. Use not flour, use not lime, toilet roll is sublime.
    Til next time,
    On, on Pablo.