Into Every Life…

Well, up to Bickley we went, Red Dwarf, being super keen, got there an hour early. For such a wet and rainy afternoon there was a surprisingly large turnout, and Dosh assured us she had use a large portion of the wheat belt’s output setting the trail. And an excellent trail it was, not too steep, not too flat and yours truly managed the whole thing with dry socks, thus avoiding all of the screaming, crying and weeks of complaining that attends such an incident.

The walk was well set apparently, with only GPS becoming lost and taking Pink Bits with him. The circle was held in Dosh and Justfig’s pool room and all agreed ’twas an excellent way to spend a rainy afternoon. During the cirle Justfig appeared with a bag of baby, Pink Bits gave us an extended precis of the AGPU and Red Dwarf drank a toast to the joys of being early. We then retired to teach Red Whine how to use a pool cue.


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