Super Perfect Run & AGM Roundup

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Nicholl St, Glen Forrest

So…in reverse order of the title of this post:


Restaurant: Nice but noisy.  Needs some added sound absorbent materials (or maybe for us to all not be talking at once).  Food was mintox. Service was excellent.
Drink: Ample.
Proceedings: Chaotic as usual, but we got there.


  • Hare (set most runs): El Keeno
  • Hound (ran most runs): Pink Bits
  • Hash Dash (motivation award for new/keen runner): Frodo
  • Short Cutting Bastard (self explanatory):  P Merah
  • Run of the Year: Red Light
  • Any more?

New positions:

  • Grand Master: Scarlett Runner Bean
  • Vice: Passiona
  • On Sec: Dripper
  • Hash Monk (R.A.): El Keeno
  • Hash Cash: Leapfrog
  • Hash Splash: Little Weed
  • Hash Hacker: El Keeno
  • Hash Haberdash: Dosh
  • Hash Scribe: El Keeno
  • Hash Nosh: Red Light
  • Hash Horn: Passiona
  • Hash Flash / Historian: Leapfrog
  • Hash Mash: Tickhead

HashCommittee2014 HashAwards2014


Super duper, ala Peter T. Hooper (according to how scrambled eggs are done by Dr Seuss).

Anyway, clocked over an hour to get back, so perhaps longish, and a few spots we had to fight the bush.  Three runners absconded along the way, perhaps lured back home by the promise of beer. SCB twisted an ankle, then used the power of her tiny unicorn horseshoe to heal completely by run’s end.

Fines were doled out to: front running bastards, a self-admitted nose picker (only 4 years old, so I suppose that is some excuse),  someone reporting the footy score … that’s all I can recall.

On On,
El Keenp

One Response to “Super Perfect Run & AGM Roundup”

  1. Little Weed July 15, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    Does our “house” have a red theme?
    Red shirts, red in shirts, red hair, red scarfs, red bags, even little red eyes?