Everything was awesome

Hares: Passiona/Leapfrog
On On: Their place, Sawyers Valley

Where to begin? I think I’ll describe today’s run in a form of deranged splodge.

Milling around a warm fire
Horn blares
Away we go. Will it rain?
Run pant run pound run RUN RUN
Oh…now we’re back.
Down downs and finishy bits
So many gleaming cylinders of mystery…I devour their insides with digestive possibilities
Dumplings, bread, soup, oranges, BIRTHDAY CAKES…HOORAY!
Quizzy whizzy…Freddos fly across the room
Darkness, a white square

Wow…anyway, I needed something to do while ignoring my kids, so you got that.  The run was good.  As it was the annual Soup Run we all brought a can and shared soup, with lots of bread, while we gathered around the toasty fire.  As it was also Passiona’s birthday we had cupcakes. Leapfrog had a quizz organised, which was lots of fun but made me realise how forgetful I am.  A showing of The Lego Movie followed.
Thanks again to the Hares for a great time.  The Moon Gate is now official open.

On On,
El Keeno

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