A run for all seasons

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Ledger Rd, Gooseberry Hill

Every year we look forward to those special days: Christmas, birthdays, weddings, the funerals of those we despise, and of course El Keeno’s runs.

Firstly, good spot to Pole Dancer for noticing we were in the wrong suburb.  I thought it was Kalamunda…it was not.  Luckily, those of us that arrived at the correct place had found it.

We were a bit light on runners.  There were lots of wiggly bits in the run, taking advantage of those delightful little trails in the bushland there.  I tried to keep hills to a minimum but in the end couldn’t resist sending runners right down to almost Piesse Brook–and up again (not so well received as the first bit).

Thereabouts Biggles decided to vanish, and the run took a pause while we shouted over apparently dogless bushland.  Dripper went out in search, and we almost sent another after him until we realised what a dangerous precedent we had begun.  Thankfully, Biggles eventually came scampering back to us in a state of excitement (not sure he has any other state) and Dripper was also coaxed back to civilisation with the rest of us.

Walkers came in three kinds: those who admitted getting lost; those who admitted that others got lost; and those who looked at their feet and shifted nervously.  And all survived to walk again another day.

On On
El Keeno


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