You turn!

On On: Victor Rd, Darlington
Hare: Pablo

There is one marking of flour most reviled in Hash–and it is the “T”.  No one likes running along a path, filled with joy and crying “on on” like a jubilant youth–and then being ambushed by a lurking “T” and learning that it was all a futile effort…yes, ’twas a false trail.

But there is indeed something even worse, and Pablo did show us its true form–the most evil “u turn”.  There are no rules regarding this malevolent marking.  It’s form varies, but it is inevitably some manner of arrow turning back upon itself, pointing in entirely the direction that Hashers find most disturbing–back from whence we did come.  It can take the place of the beloved “On Home”, meaning only half the run is done, and all that was done must be retraced.  Or, as in this case, it can cause confusion, frustration, an explosion of emotions and feelings that this Hasher finds difficult to convey.   But…but…I already ran up that hill! Do you mean I have to to it again?

Yes, said the nasty u-turn, you have to do it again.

So, yes, it was a hilly run–as was expected.  I do hope Pablo was fined harshly for misleading us before the run and saying it was flat.  I do believe misleading runners is a rare and most heinous offence.  Checks were well spaced (for the catching up of the breath!) and false trails aplenty.  I did accidentally become bewildered several times, oft finding myself stumbling out of bush and in front of the pack, but that must surely be due to being divinely interventioned (being the monk, as I am).

There were accusations of some short cutting toward the end of the run, which I was not witness to, and would never be part of.

I did have to abscond before all the runners and walkers returned (having to get my kids to a nearby party involving free food) so I missed the circle shenanigans.  I can only assume all made it back eventually and in one piece.

On On
El Keeno

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