Run-report Without An Interesting Name

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Bailey Rd, Glen Forrest

Walkers reported positively on their experience, with Hunny Bunny returning with an awesome lamp base, and GDOSH2 or 3 bearing a rather impressive rock and stick. A few wildflowers were out, and there were some nice piles of dumped garbage along the trails.

Runners were not fond of the start of the run, but said it got a bit better later on, perhaps after they had finished and had a nibble of cheese.

As Hare, I left the runners to their own devices about 2/3 of the way through the run as I went out to find a lost Frodo, who was not at all lost bu smugly already Home.

Circle business:

  • some confusion of names
  • runners fined for not shortcutting
  • presentation of aforementioned stick, rock, lamp piece
  • chastisement of adults who followed child into wilderness
  • new shoes debate
  • general disarray, followed by some scattered hubbub
  • reminder of Hashaway

On On
El Keeno

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