I was sent for a long weight

Well, the first thing we noticed about the run was that the Parky has become a bit more popular on a Sunday Arvo than it used to be. Having negotiated the one or two parking spots available the assembled group were ready and waiting for my pearls of wisdom.

Now, long before (although in the same Galaxy, more or less) I had been informed by various of “Team Hash” that (a) some could not help with the walk and (b) I shouldn’t set a walk. So, with some trepidation, I left the walkers in the care of Leapfrog, who promised that the falls she wanted to see “weren’t that far”.

Shortly before the hare had been busted trying to cross private property, so the run, rather than being a shade long, was actually a bit short. Suffice it to say that the runners had plenty of time for a couple of cartons of beer and a surfing holiday to Bali whilst we waited for the return of the final walkers. We amused ourselves watching Pink Bits waving frantically from the verandah of the Parky Pub.

After the circle (consisting largely of observations of how dark it was) a group retired to the Pub, meeting a long time lost Two Stroke.

Everyone agreed they had had a really really long time.

On On,

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