Hills Trek, where no one has gone before, at least, not today.

Passiona, having been dragged unwillingly from slumber by the ever organized Leapfrog (yes Uphill and Downhill I spelled that with a “z”, it’s the kind of devil may care rebel I am) then discovered the cancellation of the much awaited “Trek-the-Trail” and found himself messaging other Hashers to inform them of our trailessness (and now I’m making words up).

Meanwhile, just on the lower slopes of the Scarp, Pink Bits, Maid Muffin and Dripper made plans for a Trek of their own. Passiona and Leapfrog decided to go for a wander around Sawyers Valley, and the three of the more vertically challenged abodes, decided to strike a brave path along the wilds of the Parkerville Bridle Trail. Throwing caution to the wind (of which, it turns out, there was a reasonable amount) they headed down the hill from Main Muffins domicile, turning Eastward to who knows where.

After a time the brave trio stopped to look at an owner built house, climbing a treacherous rocky path in order to see the sign reading…

“owner builder”.

Then they went home. Or, at least attempted to do so when the rain and storm started in earnest. Which is when they made the fateful decision to stop at By The Brooke, have a jolly nice brekky with some lovely coffee and let Maid Muffins Lieutenant (can everyone please pronounce “Leff-tenant ” in their head just there?) came to pick us up.

Everyone will be happy to know we did a down-down and sang the Hash Song, right before they tossed us out…

On On,

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