Marsupials are better than lions and things that bite your head off.

Hare: Skippy
On On: EHSHS, Mt Helena

There was much introduction to the run, but it turned out all we needed to know was to stop halfway for a quick quaff, and not to trip over the echidna.

Walkers reported an extremely well laid track, complete with short and long options.  Runners had an enjoyable but bipolar affair. The first half of the run was a complex maze of zig-zagging trails. After the (much appreciated) drink stop the Hare sent us directly away from home in a straight line as if intent on getting us somewhere really far away and interesting.  That intent was only partly realised, until we ran out of flour and were directed Home along a parallel track. It was there that the cunning echidna lay in wait, it’s head completely invisible beneath a few leaves, with it’s body sticking out on the track for all to ogle, kind of like a battleship trying to hide under a hanky . If not for that chance (or cunningly devised?) encounter with this marvellous monotreme I might have been slightly disappointed with the last section of run, but now I am all glad and stuff. (Just kidding, it was a good run…except for the crap parts.  No just kidding about that, too. It was fine.)

Second surprise delight of the day was fish and chips! Yippee!

On On,
El Keeno

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