And then we all retired to the Pub…

After a few hours getting a bit wet, Pink Bits and Dripper awaited the arrival of the pack. As it turned out, what arrived was a six pack. Yes 5 walkers and 3 runners (including 2 hares). Dripper was quite chuffed that, with 1 exception, all of the false trails were run in full. Curiously enough when 2 runners are zipping down a false trail, and there is no one else, the hare has to run the falsies too.

The circle was somewhat informal and quite sweet, as we tucked into something that sounds like sad Japanese soup, but tasted wonderful, in order to celebrate Pink Bits twenty first birthday since 1993.

We then retired gracefully into the Chidlow Tavern for dinner. A 100% turnout! The day was actually fairly hot, considering the weather, and we did get a bit rained on. So that made us all warm, wet and willing.

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