Far away land

Hare: Scarlett Runner Bean
On On: far away (no, not really so far away but the road seemed a bit like it was leading me to another postcode…Reen Rd, Gidgegannup)

Apparently we’ve run at this location before, but I missed it as it was new to me. I had no idea there was a lovely picnic area hidden away up the end of Reen Road. (Well, I admit I had no idea Reen Road even existed.)

Interestingly, a bunch of youngsters had also been using the area during the day, having set up a marquee (I wish they had actually set up a marquis, as framing a nobleman would be more intriguing than just erecting a canopy, and young people should be trying new and exciting things). Well, the last of them were just hauling themselves away as we ran past, but it seemed they neglected to take their rubbish with them, as they left a towel, clothing, cans, bottles and plastic wrappers all over the place. A shame really.

But the run itself. Cunning and deceptive Hare, SRB, ignited controversy by pointing us towards the trail¬†and claiming it was the last time she’d help us. I was quite glad it was, as it turned out to be a long false trail. Grrrr. Then we careened around like blowflies in a shut bathroom, bumping around the trails, following it backwards in places, losing it, finding it … going narnas all over the place. (well, maybe I exaggerate, but I do enjoy exaggerating.) ¬†Aforementioned youths had also rubbed out bits of the trail, which added an extra dimension of “whoops” to the mix. Luckily, the Hare was right there and we were in no danger of being lost (except for the parts we did).

So, it was a lovely location, the run was interesting and enjoyable. It was a tad hot, which perhaps accounted for the lower turnout. Pink Bits turned up late.

That’s it.
On On,
El Keeno



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