Round the block

After some driving up and down Sawyers Town I realised the run started just after the town, arriving with about 2 minutes to spare. A reasonable sized pack assembled to hear the thoughts of Chairman Passiona briefly summed up as “here is the Hare”. We started up hill, which is always better than running down a steep hill and knowing what was coming. The run was a little shorter than back in the days when we were all younger, but nevertheless challenging and ending with beer.

The walkers decided that they would make a bit of a circuit out of the whole affair, which did give the runners a bit of a head start with the splash (which we did not waste).

In the circle we celebrated Piping Hot’s birthday, and we await her next one, after which she is required to give Tickhead a hard time and some extra grey. In a hasty decision the next run will be at MJM in Glan Forrest and have a BYO Barbie.

And with that, we departed mainly eastward into the setting sun.


PS If any of the pack reading this has lost a small pair of purple glasses, they are in Dripper’s Car.

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