Two for the price of one

On On: Leapfrog and Passiona’s place, Sawyers Valley
Hares: as above

It takes bribes to assemble the pack at Leapfrog’s place. Soup, desserts, chocolates, prizes, open of phoneboxes/moongates/what-have-yous…whatever it takes. This time it was desserts (and chocolate prizes). It was also Leapfrog’s birthday.

It was a bloody scorcher of a day, and after a promised short run, we received a long run (compared to a short run, so it was probably normal). Runners and walkers were tasked with bringing back things that started with their name, so there were sticks, and steel, and strike plates, bits and bobs of all kinds. Desserts filled every cheek and threatened every gob to burst. And it was rather yum.

Bonus report:

The week before was set by SRB at Red Hill. Turn-out was low, with about 10 in total.  I wasn’t actually there, but I imagine runners started by running firstly down a gentle slope, then up a curving gravel trail and turning to the left. They would have been damn hot, and sweating. Probably breathless and swearing (as Hashers are oft to be). Somewhere in the middle was a steep hill. And at the end there was a surprise. Maybe a dragon.

Anyway, that’s my guess. If you know better and can be bothered, feel free to correct me.

On On,
El Keeno

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