Much mention of a Hobbit

On On: Ward Avenue, Greenmount
Hare: El Keeno

So the run was not quite as short and flat as I promised. Indeed, when setting the run I had to stop halfway up a particular hill to have a bit of a stagger and a dry retch. I was far too deprived of moisture to eject any. I must have coughed out a few dusty clouds.

Anyway, that sets the delightful scene for the run. GPS could be heard muttering curses just looking at the hill. It was the steep face of Greenmount, starting from the Goat Hill (which we’d just climbed) and terminating at the top end of Padbury Rd. There was some nice meandering beside the dry creekbed at the bottom before that, and the homeward descent following were not too bad. It was just that bastard in the middle that made things difficult.

Special thanks go to the person on Dryandra Crescent who had just turned on their sprinklers; I think every runner had a much needed and appreciated shower on the way past.

Walkers managed to cross the highway there and back again and had a bit of a gentler time in comparison, with a positive report of having a good stickybeak around the Goat Farm.

Circle matters:

GPS brought some cake along for a recent birthday. I won’t say he is over the hill, but today he went over the hill. That’s all I’m saying…not insinuating anything that is not historical fact.

It was Dosh’s last run with us for a while. She is off for an island getaway for a couple of years. She’ll be back.

Here is a short poem to mark the occasion:

We knew her long,
We knew her not,
Her grazed right cheek
won’t be forgot.

She’s gone away,
Her right bum too,
She took it there
to some place new.

She packed her bags,
Prepared her cases
and left behind
our sorry faces.

So come back Dosh,
We’ll miss you true,
Not just that cheek,
The left one too.

(“Dosh’s right bum”)

And I supposed I better write one for GPS too, or he’ll feel left out. Here goes:

He saw the hill,
He shook his fist,
He hurled a curse,
And promptly missed.

He climbed the rocks,
He scaled a boulder ,
He staggered Home,
And now he’s older.

(“GPS goes over the hill”)

On On,
El Keeno

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