On On: Farrell Grove
Hare: Skippy

A cooler day made running pleasant. A cup of champagne halfway along took all that away and made it horrible again. There is probably a reason why competition-level athletes don’t often say, “Hang on, I’m about to do some really hard work with my body; I’d better chug a beer to help things along.” Or maybe they do. I don’t know any.

Not having been around the grove for a while, I did notice more bike paths.  This is good. More paths = more variety and more places to run. More of that please, Mr Bike Trail Government Person.

Skippy’s trail was varied and interesting, but could not stand against the unstoppable juggernaut of Pasiona, who guessed nearly every trail.

The sloped, bike corner bits were lots of fun, and at least one Hasher was heard doing a bit of “weeeeee” around the bends.

Nosh was yum.

On On,
El Keeno

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