For Australia!

Hare: P Merah
On On: MJ Morgan Reserve, Glen Forrest

A small pack with big hearts took on P Merah’s mammoth assault course, encountering gravel, roads, hills (both the up and down kinds), clay (dry), the ever-hazardous honky nuts, and crossing water courses.

But we made it back alive.

It was longer than led to believe with runners and walkers coming home just after the hour mark. The closing circle was its most casual. No fines or down-downs were dished out, although I would have given the following:

P Merah: too many things to mention…but the false trails I fell for are reason enough.
GPS: for being too good and not giving me any reason to fine him.
Sheep Shunter: for turning up in an un-roadworthy vehicle.
Light My Fire: for not lighting any fires.
Frodo: for skipping around too much.
Me: well, I can’t fine myself, but someone would have probably fined me for just being too nice, or something like that.

On On,
El Keeno

P.S. Everyone who didn’t turn up on the glorious Australia Day weekend is fined in absentia, for being absent.

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