Hot and bothersome

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Coles lower carpark, Mundaring

Another hot day, another awesome run.  Well, I was again lambasted for dragging the pack too far on a too hot day, with my only defence being I gave them a sip of lemonade along the way–and that we didn’t have to scale Greenmount Hill, which is probably quite a big plus, and one I was kicking myself for overlooking!

Skippy gained the advantage over the Hare by noticing a large map erected on the roadside (it being a housing estate), depicting the obvious route of that part of the run, so full points for observation.

Some walkers walked, others reclined in DOME, sipping cafe au lait, no doubt.  Tsk tsk.

The young ‘uns enjoyed the grass and playground, while Leapfrog enjoyed the affection of a blood-letting albino hound.  Xena lounged.

Event of the day: young Frodo received his very fine 100 Runs Award: a mug that he can barely lift to his mouth when full, which is a mighty good kind of mug to possess.

Close 2nd event of the day: once almost everyone had left, I remembered I had some dough nuts.  But they weren’t very good so I had another one.

On On,
El Keeno


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