1 cup of flour

Hare: Little Weed
On On: John Forrest National Park, near the tav

Kudos to Little Weed for setting her first run (for runners).  At least, I think it was.  If not, I beg my pardon.

Flour was sparser than perhaps is usually considered optimal, lending an air of mystery to the trail, and Hounds performed admirably finding their way.  Some of us found more trail than others (scathing stare!), but all of us found our way Home, which is always a good thing.

Points of interest were:

  • the trail itself. very scenic there.
  • the German/European/possibly just Aussie family out hiking (I thought German because they kept calling me “the Hare” or ” the Herr”…it sounded a bit in between.  Also, they had babies.
  • the special notation. Numbers 2s were inscribed in flour, their special secret meaning kept secret from all but the most privileged of runners. (It meant, this is a false trail the first time you come here, but not the second time).  I got to some a third time, so I was confused, but I did what all good Hashers do…just ignored everything and ran towards beer.
  • perhaps missed by all, it was the 1700th run!  Maybe we can celebrate bigger for the 1800th?  Better start preparing.
  • Congrats perhaps also go to whoever looks after such things, for not just knocking down the dilapidated railway bridge, but actually fixing some of it up.

Ah, that’s it.
On On
El Keeno

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