Milligan Park

On On: Milligan Park, Stoneville
Hare: El Keeno

A slightly smaller pack gathered on the long weekend to witness the marvels of running around.  Milligan park seems much smaller now than when I was ten years old.  I’m going to assume it has shrunk.  But there was sufficient room for us to wind around a bit before heading onto the road and nipping around a few little parks and spaces in the area. finally sending the runners for a long meander up Milligan Road, with about a 1.5km return along the railway reserve.  I think I saw a fairy at one spot, or it could have been a dead mystery animal: not sure if a fox or kangaroo or wallaby.  It was rather pancakey.  I’m going to call it a floxley.

That’s all,

On On
El Keeno.

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