Hare: Handbrake  / Passiona
On On: Parkerville Primary

Twas sure to be sure to be good run, given it was (roundabout) Saint Patrick’s Day.  Many were donned in green.

Runners sped about the bush at all velocities ranging from flat out to not at all.  Walkers marvelled at the sights, many of which were not even on the walk.

Afterwards, Guinness, the drink of champions (and one of the few beverages you have to chew), flowed freely down numerous dry gullets.

Hash Nosh followed, but I had vanished by then.  I do trust it was enjoyed by all.

On On,
El Keeno

GreenRun (Medium)


P.S. Just a special note for a hound that will be missed.  There will always be a honkeynut by my foot that is just not being fetched enough.

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