Anty the bush kangaroo

Hare: P Merah
On On: Victor Rd, Darlington

A solid run at about 55 minutes (for me).  A broad range of landscapes, including river crossings (a bit dusty), road crossings (we look both ways), double crossings (I knew I shouldn’t have trusted Black Bart!–no just joking about this last one).  There was a stony creek bed to follow, a hill to climb, a precipice to overcome.  And even a mascot: Anty the kangaroo, waiting faithfully for us all to pass. We love you, Anty.

Poor Sirius looked a bit stuffed by the time he returned.  That’ll teach him to  be a horse!

We welcomed Bush Dozer and Janice, and said good bye to Handbrake after enjoying his company for the last few weeks.

It was only a couple of minutes shy of being dark by the time we finished, perhaps a timely reminder that we are nearly back to 4pm times again, from next month I believe.

That be that.
On On,
El Keeno

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