So very wet

Hare: Red Dwarf
On On: Mountain Quarry, Boya

Starting off towards the hill, it was 20/80 odds against we might go (all the way) up it.  We frequently twiddle around on the skirts of the scarp, but only occasionally brave our way directly up to the crown of the beast.   Those odds shifted drastically as Rambling called “On On”  from the start of the steepest, most awfullest path up the front of Greenmount, which runners encountered a few months ago (and gave me hell for!).  I am slowly learning not to pause for breath 2/3 of the way towards the top, because that’s where nausea seems to catch up with me, pat me on the shoulder and say, “Hey, how about lightening the load a little and making this easier for the both of us?” A very tempting offer at the time.

At the top we encountered the first of the walkers breaking out of the bush, having scaled an impressively steep portion of trail themselves.  From there, it was just a matter of which path led us home…or so I thought.

With the runners all Home and the first of the walkers arriving, I realised my more short-legged children were still out there somewhere with Pink Bits and Yan, and with the rain closing in I thought I’d better run back and check on them.  Well, they were still about 15 minutes from Home when I reached them, and it started bucketing down.  Poor kids found it pretty miserable, but soldiered on (after I told them it was either that or I’d leave them to perish in the mud), and with joy we made it back to the cars.  It was still pouring, so I had to bundle the whole tribe in the van and bugger off quick to get them home and warm.  As for the rascals sheltering away comfortably with beers in their hands, well, a pox on you.

Special award (from me) goes to Pink Bits and Yan for stalwartly accompanying the kids, when common sense would have suggested abandoning them and making up some excuse.

That’s it. On On,
El Keeno

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