Mother’s Day Bash (or, Bash your Mother Day….I forget)

On On: The Rose Garden, Mundaring Weir
Hares: Leapfrog and Passiona

Mothers and aprons go together like children and coal mines, or so I have led myself to believe.  Donning our best aprons, we change things around by having a morning run around the lovely weir.

Young kangaroos were out in force. looking very cute (except the manky-faced one).  We trotted over the weir itself, with some of the young ones needing some firm hand holding, down the bottom and back to Home, not wasting any time as their was bacon and games to be had. (Halfway through the run my foot decided to have a quick lay down, while the rest of me kept running, resulting in an ouchy moment, and a bit of a limp home.  It was agonising, and I’m sure no one else has ever been in as much discomfort as me.)

Hashers were busy around the barbecues, frying up bacon, eggs, mushroom, hash browns, and the odd croissant.


Event results, were as follows:

Event 1: Peg me up – Skippy & Pick up Chick
Event 2: Egg and Spoon obstacle Race – Lady Ga Ga
Event3: Frying pan Dash – Passiona & Scarlett Runner Bean
Event4: Flying Nun – Skippy & Pick up Chick
Event5: Oranges and Lemons – Catwalk & P.Merah (bonus best juggler – Skippy)
Event6: Best Pancake tosser – Pick up Chick, 2nd tosser – Redlight
Event7: Apron Sling – Tick Head.

And looking forward to seeing these winners progressing to state, and perhaps national level.

Evidence below:
On On,
El Keeno

PinnyHash1 (Medium) PinnyHash2 (Medium) PinnyHash3 (Medium)

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