A Stirling Run !

A hardy bunch of Hashers congregated near the church on Stirling Square. It
was wet…very wet…..very very wet ! Hares Dripper and Pink Bits had
spent the best part of the afternoon in deep discussion (in a place of
refreshment) as to how to best set the run. After a bit of looking at the
sky ( ooo look its a bit of blue and clearing !) it was in the best
interests of Hashers to have a “Live Hare” run as flour would have just
turned to dough ! The Hares did a short recce but found it was starting to
pour again 🙁 A decision was made that if no-one arrived by 4pm we would
abandon the run. The heavens opened up and deluged us while we waited. Just
in the nick of time (dammit !) the Tickhead family arrived (Super ! we
thought) Then a few more trickled in with expectant looks and equally
appropriate attire. ( Yellow waterproof canary outfit for Little Weed)
After a very serious consultation and some stern directions from the Hares,
we proceeded to the Stirling Arms Hotel, a run of well over 200 mtrs.
After the required circle, we took of in different directions around the
Then we returned and after 50 minutes, signed off in the book. All returned
safe and sound with no injuries. GPS was commended on going the long way
round to the far side of the bar but Dripper was fined for being a short
cutting bastard for well….short cutting to the bar.
As it was Hash Nosh we ordered interesting and cheap meals, a few more
meals and drinks and ended the night with a desparate dash to our vehicles
so as not to get drenched AGAIN
Well done to all the Hashers who turned up…it has been noted and let us
not deprive Dripper of the accolades for his …* 500th *  run  Also, to
someone else (cant remember) who had 100 runs? and finishing off with GPS
who had 333 or something like that ( Mentioned him so he wouldn’t be
As to all the rest of the hashers who did not turn up…Shame on you sissy
folk ! Such lame excuses !
Pink Bits

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