The run that felt long and steep

Hare: El Keeno
On On: Jane Brook

First challenge of the day was determining which of the two identically-named roads was the one to gather at, but this hurdle was quickly ducked.

Only two walkers and four runners braved the day, others presumably enjoying the long weekend, so no shame shall be accounted onto those.  There was lots of steepness involved, with a bit of billy-goat blood in one’s veins perhaps being of advantage.  The run began in the last-to-be-developed section of Jane Brook, adjoining the national park and scarp.  So we had cul-de-sacs and marked lots (and a surveillance tree), but no houses yet around us (perhaps our last chance, considering the rate those things get built).

So we all scampered along a boundary fence, clambering along the hill-face, before making a sharp left turn and assailing the steep incline.  That took up the rest of the walk, leaving them with a steep decline back to Home, while runners had even more climbing to do, putting in another 3km or so as they loop up to within metres of Toodyay road, and returning to Home across the last pristine paddock (if such a term even makes sense).

So the small group enjoyed a beverage, a bit of a chat, and then buggered off to their other destinations as dark and cold fell upon them like oversized pizza bases being dropped onto nervous kittens by a mischievous child.

Awesome, On On
El Keeno

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