Not bad, for a human

Hare: Skippy
On On: Firewood Rd, Mundaing Weir


The Hare showed surprise at the size of the group, perhaps wishing he’d stashed more Skippy Brew in the bush, but (once found) it proved ample.

So a much improved pack (compared to the miserable showing of last long weekend) started off in the picturesque area near the weir.  As usual, Skippy set numerous tricky false trails. The run was about the right length for the day, in that we ended up exactly where we started.

We discovered a small fire burning just beside us, so many of us took the opportunity to gather around it while we sang happy birthday to Made Muffin and Catwalk. (I saw some cake from afar, but I couldn’t partake as I am expecting my modelling career to take off at any moment.)

On On,
El Keeno

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