Stirling Run Part 2…..

Hares: Dripper / Pink Bits
On On: Stirling Square, Guildford

With some trepidation, Pink Bits and Dripper re-set the run that had been completely washed out a few weeks before. The Gods were with us (if not the Monk) and it was a splendid day ! We had a large turnout with some visitors from Freo and Rocky City Hash.
Runners and walkers set off in the same direction, but after a short time that involved running Hashers climbing over railway fences (oooh errrr !) we diverged to never be seen again (on the run) The runners apparently had a good run but a bit too short, whereas the walkers had a lovely look at some gorgeous homes and gardens and then had a longish walk by the river that included patting numerous dogs on walks and some great vistas of the Serengetti Plains and the …Oooops¬† sorry wrong views….mainly the Swan River in all its winter glory with canoes and rowers and ducks. The best bit was the scheduled pelican fly past that Pink Bits had organised as a treat ! What a sight..5 or 6 of them slowly floating over the bridge we were standing on ! Yay !

We got back just in time to have a few drinks and down downs that were for ,mostly, jumping over railway fences (jolly good show as the train came a few seconds later !) and things like GPS shortcutting both on an uphill bit and a downhill bit ! The stand in Monk had his job cut out as he was Hare, Monk and On Sec and I think all roles got mixed up ! On an important note, we presented a name badge to SIDESADDLE who had said she would return about 8 months ago and chose this run to ACTUALLY appear. Well done to her….. a true sense of time ! ! !

We then went to Alfred’s Kitchen for a super supper, but as it was VERY VERY crowded,(mostly it seemed with Japanese tourists who photographed all food as well as the menu on the wall) and the long wait for some was more than they could cope with so they had a liquid dinner instead. (Each to their own). We also chose to move from the packed Alfreds and sat round a lovely fire that our indigenous friends had earlier prepared for us ! What a great night !

Pink Bits

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