Of tears and snot…..! A short report !

The word *blustery* comes to mind as we all (7) set of on the run devised by GPS. He went to a lot of trouble so we had to go ! The rain held off and the 2 runners kept together (for fear of getting lost ?) and arrived shortly before the walkers who meandered about trying to fight the windy conditions. Hence the tears and snot ! The weather was sunny but cold. We sat about thinking should we do down-downs but decided we had all been great so didn’t. Just as the circle was called while we SAT  a giant clap of thunder has us on our feet muttering that the gods do not approve of sitting in the circle ! (Oh Oh !) Then the rain bucketed down. By then we were sooo cold and wanting to sample the lovely dinner that GPS had prepared. It was a lovely feast finished off by copious amounts of Made Muffins vanilla slices Thanks



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