The Oh My..This is Tough a Run !

Hare: GPS
On On: his place, city land

We had a small but enthusiastic group of Hashers at the horsey place in Wattle Grove ! Redlight gave a complex but interesting account of the run and set the runners off. The walkers were warned that there was no real marked run for them (Boo !) but follow the runners ! That was funny after the first 2 minutes as the runners had to follow the walkers ! Still, on on we went down roads and on and on and on and on. The runners disappeared and had a great time (so I believe !) Walkers were still on and on and on in a straight line but some dared to venture ON THE BUSH TRACKS ! Still, we managed to meet with the runners at the end of the run when we arrived back together. Or so we thought ! After what felt like an eternity, we thought that maybe we werern’t all back after all ? Sure enough, our GM, Biggles and Dripper were lagging behind but got home ok! (Biggles had a limp……not true but we won’t mention it !)

It was a good run and quite challenging ! Well done Redlight ! However, it was also a birthday run for Redlight and Red Knight HAPPY BURPDAY TO BOTH !

There was also a super NAMING EVENT for John. He will now be known forever as  ********   TRAINWRECK ******for reasons obvious to those who were at the Stirling Run ! Check it out !

Sausage sizzle followed the ceremony and a good time had by all.

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