Little Lord Fauntleroy Street

Hare: Downhill
On On: Garvey Park, Ascot

I was nearly delirious by the end of the run (side effect of being slack for numerous weeks) and thought I was back in China when I passed the old Chinese lady in the park doing olden-days Chinese dancing.  But no, it was real, so I was not in need of urgent medical attention.  Only beer.

Speaking of beer, a search vehicle went out scouting for Free Beer, left behind long ago during the run, then lo and behold, she steps from the verge up to beside us, having made her own way back.

A solid run. I liked the curly bush parts (keep it clean!) more than the long, painful, dreadful, nasty-Hobbitses long trek home along the highway, but alas, such is Hash. A beer at the end quickly washed away those disturbing memories.

On On,
El Keeno

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