How to not stuff things up

Just a note to remind Hashers that run details can and (sometimes) do change.  So please do check the website on Sunday to be sure you will be where everyone else will be, so we can all be there together.

Also, if you happen to notice an error, such as a wrong map, or the nominated street being slightly adjacent to the actual street, do please let me know, rather than turn up at the run and mention how wrong it was (which is fine, except that won’t help others find the right spot). I would suggest that the Hare for each week double-check the details on the website once they are up.

My email and phone number are in the contact section if anyone needs to check/amend run details. Everyone should also have a green sheet with everyone else’s contact details on it. Sometimes, the sheet is not green, but more often it is.

Wunderbar, and On On,
El Keeno

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