Shagadelic Run

This weeks run was set by Trainwreck aided or hindered by iPadius.

The instructions were that it was a long run, so on such a hot day, a few weak and wobbly runners stayed to do the walk instead.As the Hare said in the circle, runners and walkers never saw each other at all. The walk was pleasant, meandering, creek crossing and trail blazing. The run was……welll from all accounts …quite heavy going (except for Skippy and Franga) and , indeed L O N G  ! Skimpy appeared from his own direction.

Once the circle was called the whole thing degenerated into charges and dog choosing stories from returnee Leapfrog !

However, due to a chance comment by Alison (this is a family Hash so we won’t mention exactly what she said )  she was given a name. WELCOME  to ***SHAGGED OUT*** !

We then removed ourselves to the Train park and had BBQ dinner and some wine and stuff.

Till next week…..ON ON

Pink Bits x

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