Sawyers Valley Run/Walk !

It was hot.. it was soooo uphill… and the drink stop for the walkers was WITHOUT ALCOHOL !  ?

Apart from that, it was a pleasant sojourn in the Hills set by Passiona and Leapfrog ! That is, apart from the 4 wheel drivers who thought it was their track ! (HMPH ! Check with us next time….. !)

We all managed to get back to the start where lovely nibblies awaited us (and dancing girls and cocktails and… Sorry, went a bit delirious from the heat…)

There was an amusing moment when Catwalk assisted Sirius ( NOTE Spelling) into his palatial travelling willberry ! !    No one was hurt in the process but it did look funny !  ?

The circle had a few Hashers doing down-downs which were beginning to look like fun for participants ! ? (Tsk Tsk Trainwreck and family and Catwalk and friend )  Come on GPS Monk …get with the program and make it more un-pleasant ! Notable was the return of Rambing, who said he had been in Sweden ( we thought he just got lost in IKEA for 6 months,,,easy to do )

So till next week…AT 5PM NOTE TO iPADIUS … is everyone paying attention ! ? !

Pink Bits xxx

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