Hallowhorse…think about it !

Wonderful turnout for Hills Hashers who embraced the themes of Halloween and Melboune Cup ! Most had a lovely costume or embellishments and really got into the fun of it all !

Then we had the run ! ! !… WELL !… the run was set by Dripper so it was a kind of regulation style but Redlight (WHO WAS THE HARE ! ? ? ? ) seconded Pink Bits (or did she offer ? Hmmmm …) to set the walk !

As Redlight was busy preparing snaggers etc the runners and walkers set off on their designated trails (or not ) with rickety bridges for the walkers (shame on you Redlight for saying there were rails to hold on… there was only you ! ! ! )

However we all managed to get back in one piece and have a great circle. !

Notable costumes were …….the Trainwreck family especially iPadius ..HORSEHEAD ! Tee ! Hee ! but it was a great look !  We then had an early Melbourne Cup sweepstake and the WIINNER WAS : Yeah yeah ! one of the Hashers came first (not usually accepted… ) and then two more came after (much better ) and even an end runner  who came last (give them a prize ….oh! we did ! )

Sausages,bacon,onions, Made Muffins killer Chilli slice and other extras were waiting for us with a drop or two of champers to finish off the night

Lovely…..Thanks Red Family/Made Muffin  xxx


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