* El Keeno’s Magnificent Adventure *

A small but select group of Hashers gathered at the designated address AT 5 PM  (That is a message for ROCKSTAR !!! Fancy turning up at 4PM ?)

The Hare, El Keeno gave us some directions and we set off in Greenmount with no hills to be seen ! Hmmmm ! Runners scampered off with wild joy and abandon followed closely by walkers who meandered around a bit (Huff….Puff….. Grnnm….bloody hills) Two found an unexpected  drinks stop (UNAUTHORISED) which was bound to lead to trouble !

On the safe return to the circle, after a few refreshing beverages and tasty snacks, there was a critique of El Keeno’s effort and a few down downs were inflicted on all and sundry ! Particularily, on the wayward drink stop Hashers. Mmmmmm, the new combinations of down down’s is truly a punishment. Well done….
We also welcomed the newest member of the group, Karri Woodward who promptly enjoyed sniffing, licking, biting and generally behaving just like a Hasher. (Eating sheep poo was a bit off though !)


Pink Bits

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