Walk/Run on the Wildside

A reasonably large group of Hashers assembled on the edge of the Regional Park. The Hares, Scarlett RB and Little Weed, gave out instructions for everyone and indicated that there was a DRINK STOP ! Always an incentive….so we all set off in slightly different directions into the forest. Alas, !!!  2 walkers had omitted to bring their walking poles so went right back. They then rejoined the walkers who had by then reached the drink stop ! Great timing continued as the runners fronted by Franger !! ( Its not a competition ! ) also arrived at about the same time. It was a lovely spot with plenty of shade, champagne and chatter….!

Back at the circle, there were the usual complaints about not enough checks and short-cutting bastards (poor GPS with all his disapointments got a down down for that !) Rockstar finally got to join us this week so got a down down for NOT being with us last week as well as for returning with Pole Dancer for poles.

Things did degenerate a bit as both the GM and Monk lost total control of proceedings but then we had Redlight with NOSH to get on with !

That being so, we had a great ham and salad dinner out in the wilds of Mt. Helena. Great !

Till next week

ON ON   ?    ??    ?   ?

Pink Bits    ?

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