Run report for 22/11/15

A highly select (read, a small number) of Hashers plus a beagle gathered for this run.

The extreme heat probably had something to do with it. Co-Hares were Dripper and Pink Bits. The latter had set the walk trail when the temperature was 38 degrees

Dripper was later arriving than originally planned. This came from him realising whilst partway to the start that he had only a pair of thongs for footwear. The full story was a bit hard to follow but also involved knocking over a bottle of wine at lunch. This may or may not have been in conjunction with his co-hare.

The Grand Master and the Religous Adviser were both no shows having delegated their roles to the 2 hares

“Rusty Nuts” turned up wearing a Hills Hash shirt. A sort of cosmic balance occurred with someone else (Leapfrog ?) wearing a “Rusty Nuts” T shirt.

The runners ran, the walkers walked and everyone got back at much the same time so it was all good. The trails passed by a rather idiosyncratic display of home grown sculpture involving a house with dolphins and a giant black swan.

Given the temperature, everyone felt better after a few drinks. This proved that the maladies ended but the thong remains.


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