P M’s Positively Precarious and Murderous Run

Always looking forward to runs set by P M as he usually has us all knackered. This one was no exception. After a short set of directions runners and walkers set off into the bushland via numerous trails and paths. What started as a pleasant shady track, became a steep, gravelly and oh so slippy run for both walkers and runners. It was fairly long although it did have some saving graces such as the stunning view across the valley to Perth. Walkers were first to return and runners came back in straggly groups looking bedraggled hot and bothered. One runner in particular, iPadius was unimpressed with the whole thing !

At the circle, there were few down-downs as stand in Hash Splash Dripper forgot the tray and cups……although P M certainly deserved his. ! .Also, Hash Haberdash was reprimanded for not bringing various items. She did however remember to bring 3 name badges for Trainwreck, Shagged Out and iPadius These were presented by the Monk to the family, so that made them a bit happier.

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