Great day for a National Park bush bash run. The Hare, Skippy gave us directions and we set off runners and walkers in the same direction. Some, whose name won’t be mentioned for fear of….well you know what…had to take a chance that all would be well….and it was…you had to be there !
The run/walk was terrific, with views, dam and of course a drinks stop WITH BRANDY ! (Is Skippy in contention for run of the year ?)
It was a bit long with stacks of people short cutting (some even hitching a ride …Tsk..Tsk…) but we all ended up back in the circle and NORMAL down-downs were inflicted on the culprits for all wrongdoings ! (Hells….. Bells…..the Sarsparella/beer from the week before was the worst !)
As the sun started to set, and yes, it got a bit chilly, we wound our way to wherever but mostly to another great curry !
PB ?

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