We had a smashing time at the home of Trainwreck, Shagged Out and iPadius. The Hare, GPS (whose special anniversary of Hashing was celebrated) , set a horrid, hilly and hot run on a hot day (!) but everyone returned ok if not a bit red ! So, into the pool for some and refreshing drinks all round ! We had a very special visitor, Juliette, who was resplendent in a Christmas frock complete with knickers (as was checked out later !) She was a bit quiet and said little but was still the star of the day ! Didn’t eat much either !
The circle was brief as we all had visions of sugar plums and… rambling….food ! There was an amazing array of delicacies and deliciousness ! So the Hashers got stuck into the feast and then Santa arrived. Not the scary one this year but he was coming unstuck with his stuffing…. Hmmm… love the innuendo ! Presents, knees, kisses, hugs, and all sorts of fun ensued which is better left there… enough to say Santa later carried Juliette off with her legs in the air and a smile on his face ! HO HO HO !
So as the sun set and fully stuffed Hashers wound there way home, another great Hills Hash event was recorded !!
Thanks everyone for the fun and friendship.

Pink Bits ?

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