Leapfrog’s Cherry spit !

The run was from the property of Leapfrog and Passiona. This was a very well attended run and everyone brought some sort of dessert as it was a celebration of Leapfrogs birthday..so…Just Desserts  !

We were advised that this was a short run but, on reflection, it was not ! The walk wound its way round some quiet streets, orchards and pleasant shady bushland. The run went somewhere else that kept the runners busy with false trails and checks. Walkers could hear the horn on occasion and glimpsed the runners now and then. One amusing moment was when Pickup Chick drove up to some walkers and deposited her 2 children with them then drove off.

On return and after refreshing beverages, we consumed copious quantities of sweet, luscious, decadent desserts.(Oh and a bit of cheese!) Feeling quite full, we then had the circle that was poorly conducted by the stand-in Monk, Pink Bits. She had no control over the Hashers but then it made her think of a lot of unruly, hyper kids after sugary lollies…Hmmm…normal ! So many Down-Downs were administered to errant folk.  During the circle, Leapfrog proceeded to lay out a plastic tablecloth on the ground that had us quite worried but it was for the great cherry spit-off ! It was conducted with gusto and won by err…Red Dwarf..or someone else !

Till next time




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