Allo’Allo what have we here ?

This weeks run was referred to as wheelchair friendly for the walkers by Hare P Merah ! Phaff ! Some wheelchair I say, but then it was lacking in those dreadful up’s and down’s that are a trademark of P M’s runs ! Pleasant it was too with a very good turnout ! There was a new runner/visitor and a returnee.
So as we set of unperturbed into the bush, little did we know about the way the evening would unfold ! Walkers and runners were in earshot of each other with occasional crossing of paths.
On return to the circle it was quickly evident that one Hasher was missing, so in true Hash camaraderie (after a few drinks and a think!) 2 stalwart Hashers Trainwreck and Franger became the search party. All was well as the said *Lost* Hasher was not lost (or disappointed…. Just living up to his name !!)
There were many, many Down Downs due there being some *Fairy Floss* left over to be added to drinks. (Good job El Keeno was not there to witness this outrage Fear not…this is the last experiment,……….For now !) )
Now, as a responsible group, the next bit is all about venturing off for a usual meal/feed somewhere local…4 Hashers were ..ahem…stopped by the boys in blue on the way to an establishment to eat…..Two were declared “Nearly there” after blowing in a contraption, one was waved on and one ( need we say any more than he WAS disappointed… ) blew OVER a certain number ! HOWEVER, it was an error and after they uncuffed him and straightened his clothes, sent him on his way to the waiting Hashers !
Can’t wait for next weeks run !!!!!!
Pink Bits x

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