Sweaty Stinky Hot Trails !

This weeks run was set by a brave, intrepid and slightly wounded El Keeno in a backwoods spot in Parkerville. Surprisingly good turnout as IT WAS HOT ! When I say HOT, it really was stinky HOT ! However, everyone enjoyed the run as it was such a pleasant spot. We were promised 2 water crossings (Bliss….Lets get our feet wet !) but it was a lie and all we got was dry river beds. Not much fun for the little furry one who was getting delirious looking for a drink !

Nevertheless, although there were only 3 runners they managed to get back in good time as did the walkers. (Note: Great place for a WINTER run !) As we staggered back gasping for fluids, there was refreshingly ice cold watermelon for everyone, including the little furry one who ate tons of the stuff ! Some of us resembled the colour of the watermelon and I don’t mean green !

The circle was fairly short with only a few orange coloured down-downs for minor charges.

(As there will be nothing to stop anyone mixing interesting concoctions next week, prepare for surprises)



P B   xxx

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